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The Tennessee Tech Tomorrow Campaign is nearing its goal of $60 million two years ahead of schedule. To date, more than 10,000 donors have contributed more than $56 million to the Campaign. At present, approximately 14 percent of 1,182 faculty and staff have made financial gifts to Tech this academic year. I Heart Tech Students is the first faculty/staff giving campaign since 1994 and focuses on three key areas that directly impact students:

EAGLE ASSISTANCE GRANT: A safety net for students in emergency situations, when a grant could mean the difference between staying in school or leaving with incompletes.

FOOD PANTRY: Where students go for groceries when there's no alternative in sight.

EAGLES WINGS STUDENT VETERANS CENTER: A haven for veterans and their dependents trying to navigate the complexities of the GI Bill or make the transition to civilian life.

Your gift will provide immediate funding for those in need. No student should have to leave Tech because of a lack of food, finances, or emotional support.

Why is Donor Support Needed?

EAGLE ASSISTANCE GRANT: Your gift will be part of an emergency fund for students facing one of the most difficult decisions of their lives. Administered by Enrollment Management & Career Placement, the EAG is a persistence fund with the goal of preventing an emergency or unexpected expense from affecting a student’s progress towards a degree. Students must be currently enrolled and prove financial hardship via an online application, and grants will be awarded as funds are available and are on a first-come, first-served basis.

FOOD PANTRY: In its first five years, annual visits to the Food Pantry grew from 307 to 486, and the Pantry has provided a total of 2,500 meals. Client confidentiality is paramount, and the Pantry’s location in Tech Village provides a discreet “shopping” experience for clients. Food Pantry supplies are obtained solely by food and monetary donations. Your gift will help staff purchase food and personal items to supplement donations and will allow the Pantry to offer more fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy options.

EAGLES WINGS STUDENT VETERANS CENTER: The Center offers a space where students can share common experiences, gives them a place to connect, and grants them access to technology and resources that ensure their transition from military to academia is simple and stress-free. Donor support provides additional resources to student veterans and dependents who face temporary or permanent gaps in benefits and also provides supplies for the Center itself.

"I HEART TECH STUDENTS" Faculty & Staff Giving Campaign

The "I Heart Tech Students" Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign is an effort to increase campus support for our most precious community: students. Nothing makes the case for support to external donors more persuasively than when faculty and staff cover a percentage of our students' needs.

All gifts made from July 1, 2018, through today count towards the campaign. Gifts can be made to any campus area, but if you don't have a specific area in mind, here are three we suggest: our Food Pantry, Eagles Wings Student Veterans Center and the new Eagle Assistance Grant. All three programs have the potential of helping students during emergency situations, ensuring they stay enrolled, and keeping them on schedule towards graduation. These are among the most important campus services we hope our students will never need. But when they do, you can ensure that help is there when they ask for it.

Please scroll through the videos above or down the page to learn more about any of these three programs. Click here to access our FAQ page

Are There Other Ways to Make a Gift?

Yes, our intention is to make giving easy. Aside from using the giving form on this site, you have the option to make a gift by phone, mail, or in person by visiting the Alumni Building at 705 N. Dixie Ave.

To make a gift by phone, please call (931) 372-6102.

To make a gift by mail, please send a check to Tennessee Tech University, Box 1915, Cookeville, TN 38505.

Checks should be made payable to the TTU Foundation and include the gift designation in the Memo line.

Please contact the staff in University Advancement with any questions or concerns.

phone: (931) 372-3205

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!