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Homecoming 2023 - Food Pantry

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Homecoming 2023 Food Pantry Fundraiser

Each year, Tennessee Tech student organizations compete in a series of events during Homecoming week to earn participation points. The organization or pair of organizations that earn the most points are awarded the coveted Homecoming Cup. This year the students voted to include a drive for the food pantry as one of those events to ensure that those in need benefit from these activities - the Tennessee Tech Food Pantry is 100% donor funded. The site closes at 3:00 p.m. CDT on Wednesday, November 1, at which time totals will be calculated. Gifts made after this deadline will still have a great impact on the food pantry, but they will not be counted in the competition totals for student organizations.

While student organizations are competing to see which can raise the most money for the food pantry, the entire Golden Eagle community is invited to join Tech students and support this worthy cause.

Be Sure Your Student Organization Gets Credit!

Donors may choose to have their gift count in the total raised by a particular student organization or residence hall. Select the desired student organization from the list in the drop-down menu at the bottom of the payment screen. Gifts may also be made with no affiliation.

About the Food Pantry

The Tennessee Tech Food Pantry is on a mission to raise awareness of food insecurity on college campuses across the nation. Established in 2012, the Food Pantry has created a network for food acquisition, storage and distribution to alleviate hunger in the Golden Eagle community.


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